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A fashion model reveals her secrets on having a great body and skin, sharing the best work-outs and tasty, nutritional foods and recipes. Foods are additive (sugar, artificial flavours and colours, E-numbers) free and often vegetarian- or vegan-proof!

Angela Willemse is an international fashion model from the Netherlands, signed at nultiple international a-list modeling agencies. She is an expert by experience on the fields of sports and nutrition. At she shares information about how to get a great body and skin

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Cress: tiny herb, giant beauty benefits

Eating yourself pretty and healthy means eating clean, highly nutritious foods. Cress is such a highly nutritious super food.

Here’s a recipe to home-process cress in minutes into a tasty, spicy pesto to use in pasta dishes, smear on sandwiches and top pizzas with, just to name a few uses.

Visit Great Body & Skin to read more about the health and beauty benefits of cress and the cress pesto recipe.

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